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Connected roadside assistance

Once you link to Touring Assist app (iOS | Android), you receive a much faster, pro-active and personalized car assistance service. can collect information about your position, driving direction and engine status. As a result, the system can detect issues even before you notice them.

Become a Customer

In car wifi

The Connected Car Service includes an In Car WiFi hotspot thanks to the device and the Proximus 4G network. The Service includes a 2 GB mobile data internet access per month within the European Union. Allows up to 5 tablets, laptops or smartphones to surf simultaneously. Remain connected with your Office environment on internet while still being able to call. Save your battery by avoiding to create a Personal Hotspot on your phone.

Easier Parking

Because the device knows the position of your car en when the ignition is off, the system can automatically stop payment for parking space. You can simply start a parking session with the 4411 app, and when you drive away, the system automatically closes the session.

Fleet management gives fleet managers access to real time information about their fleet and the state of every vehicle. Drivers can register damages more easily, administration can be done with less paperwork and the management of your fleet is always based on the most accurate information.
More data creates less work.

Tax optimizations

Did you know that you can obtain better tax conditions when you can prove the effective professional use of company cars? data feeds expert partner applications that provide fully automated reports to help you save on these taxes

Track & Trace

Enrich the data from your devices by connecting them to the applications of our specialist Track & Trace partners. Benefit real-time views, dynamic analytics and extensive reporting capabilities. As such together with the partner solutions transforms your vehicle data into real-time business benefits.

Connected Claim Reporting

Creating new claim files on the go has never been easier. With the specialized apps of our application partners, you can document damage and incidents for your car, completing your claim with data collected directly from your car. Fleet Managers will receive as such much more certified reports thanks to connected car data like car position, trip log, driving behavior and other relevant data provided by the solution.

Deals on the go

Nobody likes to miss out on a good deal. That is why can inform you of the nearest deals and reward you as a recurring customer. Based on car information, driver preferences and usage history, identifies how and where to save money.

Deals on the go is purely optional. You decide at anytime what kind of deals you want to be informed about.