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Connected Car Service

  • In Car WiFi service via device (E-OBD II device)
  • E-OBD II device is SIM locked, will not work with other SIM cards of Proximus or from any other provider
  • Mobile website to register your car and activate Wi-Fi
  • Find your vehicle on the map
  • Control access to Connected Car Partner Services: Opt-In/Out to connected car applications developed by partners

Proximus 4G data

  • M2M SIM card
  • 2 GB mobile data internet access per month within the European Union
  • SIM card is device locked: cannot be used in other devices
  • 4G network speed (more info on 4G? visit

Touring Business Assistance with replacement vehicle

  • Benelux Assistance + 50 km in France and Germany
  • Coverage for your car (max. 5.5T, max. 6,5 m length and/or 3 m height)
  • Technical assistance: mechanical, accident, no fuel, trapped car, vandalism, theft, lost keys
  • Towing to repair shop of choice
  • Free coverage of trailer up to 1.5 T
  • Back to home service
  • Replacement Car in Benelux
    • Up to 5 days replacement car included in Benelux
    • Category A or B
    • Replacement vehicle is only assigned in the course of an assistance mission and not when the covered vehicle is already in a garage

Bundled Software

Where is open to work with any application thanks to its Open Platform approach, partners propose already ready to go solutions free when used in combination with The free software is fully functional and includes a set of base functions, where extended versions with more functionality are available with the providers:

  • FleetMaster
    • Included in is a license for FleetMaster’s mobile fleet management application. (Available in the iOS App Store, the Android Play Store and the Microsoft Store). This license is valid for each equipped vehicle with an unlimited amount of claim files, damages and photos.
    • Included functionality for drivers / employees:
      • Consulting the details and current overview of their vehicle at any time
      • Creating new claim files on the go
      • Adding damage descriptions along with detailed photos
    • Included functionality for fleet managers:
      • Consulting the current overview of their active fleet
      • Consulting a detailed overview and history of any vehicle in their fleet
      • Managing and completing the claim file process initiated by drivers
      • Creating new claim files on the go
      • Adding damage descriptions along with detailed photos
      • Basic reporting on claim files and damages
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