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fueled by data,
driven by freedom

One solution, many directions

In this age of constant connectivity, and high demand for flexible mobility, a new approach of telematics is needed. A solution that creates real value for both fleet managers and drivers, easy to integrate with your current tools and with respect for your privacy., an all-in-one connected car solution that brings you the flexibility of an open platform, the convenience of premium connectivity and the comfort of esteemed car assistance.

Details & ConnectMy.fleet

Augment your driving experience upgrades your future trips with optimized connectivity. Use in-car WiFi to work in your parked car, and give your passengers access to high-speed internet, without blocking a call or draining your smartphone’s battery.

As an open platform, enables many applications that facilitate your next trip: parking expenses can be automatically registered, you experience the comfort of personalized car assistance, or get informed by accurate driving analytics. With many more applications becoming available soon.

  • In-car WiFi
  • Easy to use
  • Privacy proof

Connect your business

Do you want to increase the flexibility and efficiency of your organization without the hassle of changing all your current systems? does exactly that.

As an open platform, it easily integrates with your existing tools and is ready to adapt to every organizational choice you want to make in the future. It provides you with real time data to feed your fleet tools, increases the safety of your personnel and reduces the amount of paperwork.

  • Easily integrated
  • Fleet diagnostics
  • Driver score
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"A horizon of
endless possibilities"

Open platform

Designed for growth

We believe nobody likes to get fenced in by a closed system. Certainly when it comes to mobility. That is why we built an open and transparent solution. One that easily integrates with your current tools and works with any type of modern vehicle.

Openness also means that it is easy for developers to create new apps and services for Together with our partners we are able to deliver one solution with endless possibilities.

Built on partnerships is the result of a partnership between Touring & Proximus. Together we combine decades of experience in connectivity, mobility and innovation.

We use this strong foundation to enable our partners in developing new mobility applications and services. Creating a platform that matures with every new partnership.

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"A new perspective
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Use cases

  • Connected roadside assistance

    The Touring Assistance app delivers you faster, more pro-active and personalized car assistance. Increase safety through connectivity.

  • In car wifi

    Thanks to the In Car WiFi hotspot, you and your passengers enjoy an easy, fast and high quality internet connection in your car.

  • Easier Parking

    Only pay for the actual time that your car was parked. The 4411 app automatically knows when you arrived and when you left at the parking spot.

All use cases